Gegensatz is a Berlin-based collective of translators, writers and editors specialising in the translation of artistic, literary and academic texts. All our translations are read and proofed by native speakers of both the source and the target language, to ensure the highest quality translations both in terms of accuracy and fluency of style. Because we are a collective and not an agency, we do not outsource jobs to unknown translators the quality of whose work we cannot assure.

Because we are ourselves writers and practitioners in a diverse range of fields — among us are poets, academics, critics, visual artists, choreographers and performers  — we produce translations which do justice to the style and content of the original. We know the discourses of art and academia because we contribute to them, we know the language of literature because we write it.

We have worked with clients such as museums, universities and individual academics, theatres, publishers, art galleries, festivals, startups, think tanks, magazines and small, medium and large enterprises, both from the public and private sectors.



Producing high quality translations is our main strength. We are native speakers and fluent writers of German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and Turkish, and have extensive experience translating texts from a wide range of fields. Our particular expertise and passion is in artistic, literary and academic writing, but we are always willing to develop new fields of interest. And if you need other language combinations, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a wide network of colleagues who we work with on a project-by-project basis.


Proofreading and editing

We offer both basic proofreading (of grammar, spelling and punctuation) as well as more in-depth editing for content, style, clarity and overall structure. As academics and writers, we are familiar with a wide range of styles, discourses and disciplines, and can cater our editing to your needs. Our experience as translators makes us particularly strong at editing texts by non-native speakers. We know all the usual false friends all too well, because we’ve learned from our own mistakes. We always know whether you mean sensible or sensibel, if somebody is embarazada or embarrassed, totally deranged or just a little dérangé.



As experienced writers familiar with a range of registers and fields, we are also able to produce flawless copy. Whether it’s finding the right tone for a commercial website, writing articles or essays for an art publication, or unpacking and structuring the dot points for a major funding application, we always find the right form for our clients’ ideas. Our specialties range from educational and aesthetic texts to advertising and social media.



Other Collaborations

Beyond these areas of expertise, we are open to working collaboratively in other settings. We have provided unconventional interpreting and translation in theatres, panel discussions and gallery settings, translated surtitles for theatres, and helped people navigate bureaucracies. We’re a socially-minded group, and we are open to working with social projects, other collectives, and individuals in need. So if your needs are not so straightforward, don’t hesitate to get in touch, maybe we can help!


Ryan Eyers

translates from German into English. He is currently studying towards an M.A. in English Studies at the Freie Universität of Berlin, and has over six years’ experience teaching English as well as copy-editing, proofreading, journalism, and event management. His strengths are in the fields of music, literature, and academic writing, alongside assisting in the production of pedagogical texts and assessment materials. 

Andrea Garcés

translates from German and English into Spanish. She has over seven years of experience translating and editing literature, journalism, history, medicine, and other forms of academic writing. She has an M.A. in Comparative Literature and is currently developing a PhD project in the same field. She also writes poetry in Spanish.

Marc Hiatt

translates German to English and assists non-native writers of academic English to get their thoughts ready for publication in that language. He has studied law and social theory in English and philosophy in German, and taught in both languages. He teaches English as a second language and is acquainted with discourses around music.

Marty Hiatt

translates French and German to English, and edits and proofreads English. He is completing a PhD on modernist French literary theory, and translates art criticism and art history, philosophy, literary criticism, psychology, political and social theory, and poetry.

Lisa Jeschke

translates from German into English and English into German, and edits and proofreads in German. She has a PhD in English Literature and a practice-based MA in Literary Translation. Her work as a translator and copy-editor has focused on the humanities, the arts, and poetry. She is also a poet and theatre-maker and co-runs the small poetry press MATERIALIEN.

Vera Kurlenina

translates from German, Russian and Portuguese into Russian and German. She studied German and Romance Philology in
St. Petersburg, Tübingen and Lisbon, and is currently completing a course in court and government interpreting and translation at Universität Hamburg. Her areas of expertise are the humanities, as well as economics and law. Alongside her work as a freelance translator, she runs the small publisher hochroth Verlag, which publishes bilingual books of poetry.

François Lacire

translates from English and German to French. He has worked for more than 10 years as a freelance translator, and as a French teacher to English and German speakers. He specialises in literary, gastronomic and curatorial texts (monographs, exhibition catalogues, festival programmes).

Sam Langer

translates to English from German and French, and edits and proofreads in English. He writes poetry in English and sometimes at intersections of French and German. He has a background in literary studies, social theory, and music.

Tabea Xenia Magyar

translates from English, French and Polish into German. She lives and works as a freelance translator, author and choreographer, and divides her time between Switzerland and Berlin. Her strengths are in the fields of literature, poetry and contemporary art, particularly dance.

Utku Mogultay

translates from English and Turkish into German, and edits texts written in German. He has a PhD in English and American Literature and Sociology, and has more than 10 years’ experience as a translator. His strengths are in urbanism and architecture, the history of media and technology, academic, education and cultural policy, and music and popular culture.

Diego Otero

translates from German and English to Spanish, from Spanish and German to English, and proofreads academic texts in Spanish. He has a background in literary studies, art history and plastic arts. He writes poetry in Spanish and English and has experience translating criticism, journalism, and documentary subtitles.

Eve Richens

Eve translates from French into English. She’s completing graduate studies in English Literature. She has experience in the fields of interior architecture, fine art, story editing and poetry.

Joel Scott

translates from German and Spanish into English. He has a PhD in Comparative Literature and Translation Studies and has extensive experience in copywriting and editing in a range of fields. His strengths are in literature, art and academic writing. He is currently translating the second volume of Peter Weiss’s magnum opus Die Ästhetik des Widerstands, to be published with Duke University Press in 2019.Charlotte Thießen

Charlotte Thießen

translates from English, Portuguese, French and German into German and English. Together with Joel Scott, she created the poetry and translation series artiCHOKE, for which she translates the work of major contemporary poets. Having grown up bilingually (DE/PT) and with an MA in English Philology, translation was a natural choice. With her keen ear for both her native and acquired languages, she’s an outstanding editor of translations.

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